Ethiopian-owned fashion brand, ERT-ALE apparel is inspired by African cultures and their origins combined with its’ creative touch to produce contemporary fashion. Ertale gives you the freedom to express, represent and illustrate the beautiful cultures of Africa mixed with street wear. The name ERT-ALE is derived from Erta Ale, a volcano located in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Translated into English, the name means ”Smokey Mountains”. We decided to name our brand ERT-ALE because we wanted to use it as a metaphor to showcase the untouched and hidden cultures of Africa and use this platform to introduce a new era of African-owned designer brand. In essence, our vision is to empower every African descent and African American to be proud and stand high where ever they travel in the world. Join us as we illustrate and proudly depict a continent that is full of grace, beauty, and LIFE!
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